Submission Showcase: March 2nd – 8th 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Si Deane – Grove Park

Nashville-based guitarist Si Deane‘s ‘Grove Park’ is an instrumental piece, with almost jazz influence, where Deane plays a nice solo over a smooth backdrop for three minutes. It’s nice, because it doesn’t repeat itself, however there are some parts where everything overlaps and it gets a bit confusing, but overall it’s a pretty cool track. Listen to it below.

Fly Commons – Fully Focused (Feat. Jay Ant & G-Eazy) [Prod. By Fly Commons]

Yes, this is actually a submission with a G-Eazy feature. Bay Area producer Fly Commons‘ ‘Fully Focused’, off his album Grayscale, is a dope Bay Area track which almost sounds like a DJ Mustard production. Download the album at Fly Commons’ website, and check out the track below.

Pugs Atomz – Loser [Prod. By Mr Dibia$e]

Okay, this is really cool. Chicago rapper Pugs Atomz has somehow managed to link up with my favorite producer, Dibia$e for this soulful cut from Pugs’ album Bama Pi, available here. The one and a half minute cut tells a story about how Pugs got arrested for spraying graffiti. The production is immaculate too.

A quick note for those looking to send submissions:

Firstly, make sure to send Soundcloud links ONLY. No ReverbNation. No MP3s. Just makes it easier for us to share your music to our readers.

Secondly, keep it under 5 minutes (if possible). It’s a lot easier to get through that way. It’s a submission, not a film score.

Also, we have launched a Facebook page, and we’re not asking much by saying this, but if you would like your submission to be considered sooner, invite 100 friends to like the page, then let us know when you have in your submission. This alone will not get your song posted, as the quality of your music is our top consideration. However, it certainly will help when we have to decide between two great tracks. Thanks!

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