Rapper Kyle Releases His New ‘Wait On Me’ Track


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Following the release of his ‘Just a Picture‘ track with Kehlani, rapper Kyle has released his next song ‘Wait On Me’, his most personal track yet. The Ventura, CA rapper took to his Twitter to release the track, which is dedicated to his late grandfather Thomas Harvey. Check out ‘Wait On Me’ and its cover art below.

“This is the most personal story I’ve told thus far in my music. Its a about a promise.. a promise a 16 year old me made to my grandfather as he was passing away. He told me one day your family will need you .. the world will need you, it will be dark and cold and lonely but they will need you to shine. He told me to keep my family together when he’s gone.. to be light for them in our darkest hour. Ive spent a long time waiting for that light to shine.. waiting to wake up a superhero who can save the day.. even changed my name to SuperDuperKyle… Its not easy becoming a hero.. but theres a hero inside of us all.. Grandpa I haven’t forgotten my promise to you.. my promise to our family.. I will bring us out of the darkness.. I will be the man you knew I could be.. Im almost there.. Wait on me.”

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