Kanye Wasn’t Joking: “(Beck) should have given his award to Beyonce”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

You probably thought Kanye West was being funny and joking when he stepped on stage while Beck received his Grammy for “Album of the Year”, well guess again. Speaking with E! after the Grammys, Kanye shared his opinion about Grammys and their selections this year.

“(The Grammys) need to stop playing with us. We aren’t going to play with them no more. ‘Flawless’, Beyonce video (is amazing). Beck needs to respect artistry, and he should have given his award to Beyonce. And at this point, we are tired of it.”

I personally can’t speak on Beck’s Morning Phase album, as I haven’t heard the whole LP, however a public conversation about the Grammy‘s selection process is definitely a conversation that needs to be had. Kanye will be viewed as an a**hole for this, but although he has the most Grammys for someone his age of younger, Ye is speaking the truth about the integrity of the Grammys. Was Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP the best rap album this year? No. Eminem is a legend, but it was an average project. Kendrick Lamar is a future legend, but ‘i’ was certainly not worthy of two Grammys. Likely the only reason he won was because the Grammys royally messed up last year, as Macklemore took home the trophy over Kendrick’s critically acclaimed debut. The Grammys selection process, especially of the rap categories, needs to be changed. Preach, Kanye. Preach.

[Check out the video below. Not sure if we agree that Kanye is an a**hole, especially if John Legend and Chrissy Teigen cosigns his opinion]

Beyonce Metacritic Score: 85

Morning Phase Metacritic Score: 81

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