The 7 Worst Low-Budget Music Videos from Big Name Rappers

Kid Cudi – King Wizard

The camera angle isn’t too bad, but he could have threw in a few more camera angles and got rid of the cheesy frame border. Sometimes shooting at just one location can make for a great video. Not this time.

Wiz Khalifa – James Bong

I feel like this is one of those times that the artist would say “well it is supposed to be cheesy and lame”. Well if that’s true, then well done Wiz. I get that James Bong is a play on James Bond, but this video is just way too cheap and way too horrible.

Lil Wayne – We Be Steady Mobbin

Weezy didn’t even leave his home for this one and the video suffers as a result. ‘We Be Steady Mobbin’ is a great B-side Lil Wayne track, but it certainly didn’t need a video. Beyonce didn’t leave her hotel room for ‘7/11’ and that was a great video, but Wayne just isn’t B I guess.

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