Listen to Raury’s New Mike Brown Inspired Track “Fly”


Yesterday Georgia rapper/singer Raury took to his Twitter to announce today’s release of his new song ‘Fly’, written after the news that Officer Darren Wilson was not being indicted for the killing of Mike Brown. Describing the song, Raury told fans, “I wrote it instantly the words and music didn’t even feel like mine. I knew that this track belonged to the universe.” Stream the inspirational new track below.

“Fly is a reset button on the revolution. Fly is an ode to the ones who were wrongfully murdered, mourning the deaths and also looking on the bright side to help us find peace in the fact that they are in a better place…. they fly in heaven now. My best friend Malik Shakur also felt the need to express his hope for the future and the growth of black excellence. He recorded with me in the midst of America trying to Capture his Aunt Assata Shakur. He also looks to walk along with me in the healing of the world through love and high frequency music.”




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