EP Review: Prakruti | Jaden Smith


The Smiths have been taking over in the past couple of months.  Last week Jaden’s sister, Willow, dropped a 3-song EP and recently Jaden has been dropping music videos at a rapid and random pace, all while calling out the rap game. While Jaden told fans he has a couple albums in the vault and ready to drop, he recently gave us a sample by dropping his own 3-song EP, titled Prakruti. If there is anything bad to say about Prakruti, it is that it reminds us of why we hate EPs, as we definitely can’t wait for more.

Prakruti, which is available for streaming in its entirety on Jaden’s SoundCloud, features three tracks, ‘Preach’, ‘ER The Faculty’ and ‘Pleiadian Medicine’, all produced by Teo. Starting the project off hot, Jaden comes in hard on ‘Preach’ just after the beat builds, rapping “I’m looking down at the ground shake, you saying it’s heavy it’s like a pound cake. I’m a king, I swear homie my crowns late. Not only do you look like a poser, but bro you sound fake.” Maybe the best song on the project, although you have only three (but all solid) tracks to choose from, the highlight of the track comes as Jaden spits acapella reminding us that not only does he have have lyrics but he flows as well.

‘ER The Faculty’ is more of an interlude than anything (coming in at just under a minute), and is reminiscent of the song teasers on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange.  While we enjoy these little tastes, they always leave us hoping that a full version with come to the surface one day. Jaden ends the project with ‘Pleiadian Medicine’, rapping:

“Why’s a boy going through a man experience, I know I hear them voices but all them voices hearing this, people label me delirious…”

The beat is simple but great, combining keys and percussion to compliment Jaden’s mellow rapping which turns aggressive at points. At one point he even takes a break from rapping to break the fourth wall musically and tell listeners he and his producer were still tweaking the hook and skips into the second verse, a move maybe inspired by Jaden’s friend Childish Gambino. Jaden, who actually appeared briefly on Gambino’s latest mixtape, may just be the second rapper to blow up with a Childish Gambino co-sign (the first being Chicago’s Chance the Rapper).

The low of this EP is that it is only three songs, which arguably is how an EP should be and is much better than rappers labeling a 12-track project an EP (when it is really a mixtape). The other low is that while all the tracks are quality, some of Jaden’s recent tracks are arguably better. However, even these lows speak to the vast talents of the young MC. Track by track, Jaden is stepping out of his father’s shadow and becoming his own person. Although he is pursuing the same endeavors Will pursued growing up, Jaden is clearly his own person and a pretty talented rapper as well.


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