Submission Showcase: October 20th – 26th 2014


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Funkghost – Swishers/Overdose (feat. Fred Nice)

Our first submission comes from Florida native Funkghost. ‘Swishers’ is the intro to his forthcoming album, ‘Caviar Taste’. It features a boomingly low-pitched looped hook and some banging verse from Funkghost himself. The beat is reminiscent of something Meek Mill would rap on. It’s a nice touch, and a good intro altogether. ‘Overdose’ is a Future-like track that reminds me of something Mike Will would make. A nice RnB hook with some great lyrical work. Almost like a strip club anthem.

Pre-order ‘Caviar Taste’ here.

SDotMilli – To The Stars

Our next submission is definitely a soulful one. ‘To The Stars’, from Pittsburgh artist SDotMilli, features a soul chopped instrumental with S laying down some deep bars describing a comeup with a nice flow. Reminds me of Max B for some reason. A great track.

Chrs Doe – Trippn

Trippn, from New York rapper Chrs Doe is seriously catchy. Seriously. This track makes me wonder if Zach Farlow made drill and changed his alias. Catchy hook, nice flow, good bars. Everything you need in a track. This one’s definitely a song for the gym or the party. Salute to Digital Beats too. That instrumental is fire.

Grimes – Skin (MisterrCha Remix)

This was definitely a weird one. MisterrCha is a producer from London who seems to dabble around in making remixes of songs. Grimes’ Skin gets a downtempo/hip-hop makeover for this remix. Real smooth to listen to though. Great use of snares and a real good submission.

Trag – Flames (Cheesesteaks Remix)

South Jersey-based artist Trag drops some gritty bars over the instrumental to Vinnie Paz’s ‘Cheesesteaks’. You can definitely hear the accent in his voice. It’s a real nice remix of the original track. Enjoy.

If you would like your music to be featured in our Submission Showcase column, find out how to here.


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