Is Charlamagne Tha God Bleaching His Skin? Charlamange Shares His Response With Us.


Courtesy of RapBasement

Power 105.1‘s Charlamagne Tha God, a radio personality who often speaks on racial issues and who recently beefed with Childish Gambino about viewing ‘white’ as correlation to success, may be bleaching his skin?

[UPDATE 12/15: “Charlamagne Yells and Swears at Co-Host Angela Yee for Bleached Skin Jokes“]

Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself… Sure, it may just be the lighting… Maybe?

Need more evidence? Fair enough. In a recent Breakfast Club interview with Logic, co-hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy suggest that he is indeed bleaching his skin when talking about the skin tone of Logic’s father. Check out the interview (6:10) yourself, where Charlemagne noticeably looks lighter.

Angela Yee: …the complexion probably Charlamagne used to be, before he bleached his skin.

Charlamagne: I never bleached my skin. Stop saying that stupid sh*t.

DJ Envy: You did!

Charlamagne: I don’t bleach my skin. I’m not dark skinned.

Logic: I don’t think you’re a dark skin.

DJ Envy: He was dark skinned.

We would love to hear the clever punchline Gambino can come up with to embarrass Charlamagne for his skin tone shame.

UPDATE: Charlamagne reached out to ask us why we didn’t reach him for a quote for the story first, while we didn’t get an official quote, we got our answer via tweet. Decide for yourself! Guess one of the most filterless personalities in radio even is sensitive about certain topics. We appreciate the recognition though!




6 thoughts on “Is Charlamagne Tha God Bleaching His Skin? Charlamange Shares His Response With Us.”

  1. While it looks like he bleached his skin. It’s clear that he had an uneven skin tone with dark and light spots. Naturally you would want to even it out!

  2. He DID have his skin bleached. While it may have not been to the extent of Michael Jackson or Lil’ KIm, he had procedure done. That is the only way to correct extreme dark skin discoloration of people his skin tone.

  3. Charlemagne is lieing to himself and everyone else.He specifically stated that he used Ambi which is a skin lightened which he stated did that to his skin, this was while he was torturing lil mama during her interview when she came back at him and asked him why he had the dark mark on his face. In actuality the dark mark wouldve been the last part of his real skin color left before the lightening process was finished. Ambi and other skin “Bleaching” agents leave discoloration during the process.You have to use them as a daily regimen or they will not last.Check the 2011 lil mama interview.

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