Submission Showcase: October 6th-12th 2014



‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Kicking off the best submissions this week is ‘Welcome Back’ from Pittsburgh-based rapper Christopher Oden, also known as $osa. This MJN Beats produced track talks about his comeback from a lengthy hiatus, and how he’s “tryna get this money like Diddy and Jay”.

Notable bars:

“I’m crack like in the 80s, they fiendin’ for more, n—a, it’s something you’re born with it

Martin Luther had a dream, and I’m carrying on with it.”

You can grab $osa’s mixtape, “La Market”, on LiveMixtapes. Welcome back, $osa.

Another great submission comes from Detroit rapper TREV. Named “What I Need”, the soulful track features him riding the beat, talking about all the things hewants in life, but the most important thing being success.

Notable bars:

“My life is like Kanye’s when he went through his car crash

Only difference is, I didn’t get my jaw smashed.”

Our next submission is a single from KayR, featuring BJ The Chicago Kid. “The Turn Down”, produced by, talks about how KayR prefers to be at home thinking about how he can “take over the world”, and achieve more fame than be at a party every weekend. A great flowing track with a nice hook from BJ.

Notable bars:

“Looking for the victory, trying to make some history

My fist will be inside the game until I’m not a mystery.”

Our second to last track is “Stand Alone” by M o m o, an unsigned 20 year-old producer from London. This track is purely instrumental with a few twinkly vocal samples here and there, as well as a nice, laid back drum pattern which takes inspiration from artists such as Ta-ku and Joker. Some square waved synths also play around, giving the track an experimental hip-hop feel. Expect a lot more from him, as his EP is dropping very soon.

Our last best submission for this week comes all the way from Chandigarh, in India. Amit Kundal’s “Meri Jaan”, from his soundcloud description is “THE UNTOLD LOVE STORY OF A GIRL WHO IS DUMB ND CANT EXPRESS HER FEELING OF LUV CARE TOWARDS HIS BOYFRIEND.SO THIS TOTALLY BASED ON COPLETE LOVESTORY THEME.” It sounds quite nice, the pop beat rides smoothly in the background while Amit sings his heart out. There are some nice mixes of shakers, pianos and harps played in the background during the pre-verses as well which is a nice touch. A very unique submission.


If you would like your music to be featured in our Submission Showcase column, find out how to here.



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