10 Rappers/Singers Supporting the Chicago Blackhawks

Chance the Rapper

Courtesy of Instagram

Just before performing on stage with Childish Gambino, on his Because The Internet tour, Chance the rapper was gifted a custom jersey by the Blackhawks.


Sir Michael Rocks

Courtesy of Tumblr

Sir Michael Rocks of the Cool Kids, rocking a Hawks Away Jersey complemented by a red North Face.

Justin Bieber

Courtesy of HockeyGods.com

One person who Blackhawks fans do not want on their bandwagon is Justin Bieber, who visted the Stanley Cup after the Hawk’s win in 2013 but while in the locker room he stood on the logo (this is a big no-no).


Clay Aiken

Courtesy of CoolSpotters.com

American Idol’s Clay Aiken rocking a Blackhawks jersey while on-stage, probably in Chicago.


SchoolBoy Q

Courtesy of Getty Images

How do you complement a bucket hat? A retro Blackhawks jersey of course.

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