Atlanta Rapper Key! Bullies Trinidad James on Instagram


Photo by Alex Russell

After being one of the easiest rappers to hate to one of the easiest rappers to feel sorry for, Trinidad James has seen a lot of ups and downs in his young career. Today, to make matters worse, fellow Atlanta rapper Key! dissed Trinidad on his Instagram by sharing a text conversation between the two.

As shown in the Instagram post by Key!, Trinidad James texted the rapper asking (politely we may add) for a verse to collaborate on a song. After Key! simply replied ‘No’ (which is rude enough), Trinidad kept his cool about things. However, Key! took things further by sharing the conversation for all his fans online. Sure, a lot of us loved to hate ‘All Gold Everything’ but it gave us “popped a molly, I’m sweatin” and his music goes well beyond that one single. Also, you have to feel bad that he has already been dropped from Def Jam. We guess now that apparently he has already been blacklisted by up-and-coming rappers in his own city. Maybe Raury will give him a verse?

Courtesy of Instagram

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