Swans to Reissue Filth, a Milestone in Extreme/ Experimental Music



An obscure yet oddly influential album, Swans’ 1983 debut Filth is being officially reissued and remastered straight from front man Michael Gira’s label Young God Records. This marks the first time that anyone has seen this record officially released (excluding a 2012 bootleg released by Neutral Records) on vinyl since 1990. Being that this record is difficult to find, a reissue is welcoming for record collectors and new and curious ears alike. For those unfamiliar, Filth is a blatant expression of the extremes of human torture and suffering in the form of music. To put in more familiar terms, its music that while labeled as industrial, is more unforgiving than Nine Inch Nails at their harshest. Filth isn’t meant to be a pleasant sounding album at all (that’s the point), but for those with open ears to abrasive and experimental music, you might be quite amazed.

In addition to the LP version, a remastered version of 2000’s Filth/ Body to Body, Job to Job 2CD pack (the debut album along with a compilation of Swans’ early material) is to be released. Both formats will be hand signed by Michael Gira himself, which he commonly does with orders from his label website as a kind note of gratitude. They also come with a neat 2-sided poster. Their latest album To Be Kind is one of the most critically lauded albums of 2014 thus far as well as arguably the best thing to come out since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Pre-orders are available now for an October 28th release. Click here for more info and an excerpt by Michael Gira reflecting on Swans’ early years. Below is a live performance of Oxygen off of To Be Kind, filmed by Pitchfork Media at their annual festival.

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