Settle Down TMZ, Kanye Once Gave His Microphone to a Fan in a Wheelchair


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Yesterday, we joined the minority of media outlets by coming to Kanye’s defense about the whole ‘wheelchair incident’. For those who don’t know Kanye recently was met with media backlash after he stopped the music at an Australian concert to make sure everyone got up out of their seats. After learning a certain individual wasn’t standing because they were in a wheelchair, Kanye continue the show (a clear misunderstanding and a story which should have never been a story in the first place).

Today we have new details to further prove, that Kanye of course does not hate the handicap, as some media outlets would lead you to believe. After a Yeezus Tour stop in Austin, TX (well before the ‘wheelchair incident’) Kanye made one fans night by giving the young handicap man the microphone after this show. As the fan told E! News “I was in the second row” to see Kanye. “There were a lot of people blocking me, and Kanye noticed, Kanye told the security guard to give me the mic,” after the show. This story was published in June but notice that you probably didn’t hear about it until now (and certainly not from TMZ).


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