Childish Gambino Responds to Spin’s Phillip Mlynar in Hot 97 Freestyle


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Dan Garcia

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Dan Garcia

Raury wasn’t the only rapper from the Stone Mountain Georgia area to deliver a great freestyle this week. When speaking with Hot 97’s Pete Rosenberg, rapper Childish Gambino spit a great freestyle with a ton of quotables, touching on many subjects (including his response to Spin‘s negative review of Because the Internet). Check out the video and some of our favorite lines (and our best Rap Genius-ish annotations) from 4-minute freestyle.

Turn it up, who is this? Shots are your fitted. Gratata! Are we not that fly?

Finally, a reference to Vine sensation Bryan Silva and his hilarious wannabe ghetto 6-second videos. Those not familiar with Silva, he is an aspiring white rapper whose videos include him holding his cellphone at the mirror, shirtless, where he constantly does his best impression of a gun (‘gratata’).

She got so excited, took her to the Clippers game, n*ggas ain’t invited.

When Donald hits up the Staples Center, on occasion he will only bring his girl and his friends can stay at home. Of course too, this is a reference to another Donald, Donald Sterling (former owner of the LA Clipper) not wanting his ex-fling to bring African Americans to his games.

Schooling these n*ggas, so many 0’s, they thought I was a dummy.

Gambino’s checks have so many zeros because of their large values that some may mistake those zeros for bad marks in school, thus thinking Donald is a dummy. However he is no dummy as he is an NYU alum.

I know they hate a n*gga down at Spin Mag, worst album, best song, how you spin that? The best part is that they love Chance, but our fans are the same, you should fuck with your man. And I wonder what they’d say if that EP drop. His (Gambino’s) verse was wack. His (Chance’s) verse was hot.

Here is where Gambino vents the most. Those familiar with the relationship between Spin Magazine and Childish Gambino’s music know that Spin is not a fan. In their review of Because the Internet (where they gave the album a 2 out of 10), they dubbed it ‘worst new music’. However the writer, Phillip Mlynar, did not flat out say this, they put ‘worst new music’ into the link URL of the album review (not very sneaky). However, as Donald notes, although they hate his music, they love Chance the Rapper. While covering the release of Gambino’s music video for ‘The Worst Guys’ (from Because the Internet), which features Chance, Spin continued to bash Gambino by questioning why Chance (who put out their #2 Album of 2013) would associate himself with such a rapper. Gambino has a point here, how can you love one artist, but hate another who not only has an arguably similar sound but also is the first person to put Chance on by having him open for his tour? Either way, we need that EP and enjoy the freestyle below!


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