NFL Asking Performers to Pay-to-Play Super Bowl Halftime Show


While performers at the Super Bowl’s half-time show generally play for free, according to reports by The Wall Street Journal, this year Super Bowl representatives are asking artists to pay a fee in order to land the big gig.

According to the report, NFL representatives asked Coldplay (one of the three considered candidates) if they were willing to contribute a portion of their tour income (after the Super Bowl) to the league or may other financial contributions to land the performance. Other considered performers were Rihanna and Katy Perry.

While playing the Super Bowl is a sure fire way to make sure the whole world is watching you, essentially the Super Bowl’s longest commercial in a sense, hopefully these artists hold out so the NFL does not get there way. While we understand that the NFL is a business, it is not a good look for them to ask acts to pay them to perform at their event. What is next, asking the players for pay to play contribution?


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