Kanye Drops Million Dollar Mano as His DJ


Photo by Suzy Salazar/OhDangMag.com

Producer/DJ Million Dollar Mano took to Twitter to announce he has been dropped as Kanye West’s tour DJ, and doesn’t seem too happy.


Claiming he is “happy he doesn’t DJ for him anymore”, Mano seems to be having quite the field day on Twitter, letting Kanye fans get to him. While Mano has been Kanye’s tour DJ for awhile, many may remember him as one of the openers for the acclaimed Glow In The Dark Tour, with his group He Say, She Say. While we do not know the details of the termination, Kanye is known to casting his touring crew with some of music’s best names, such as Mike Dean (2Pac, UGK, Kanye West) and Jeff Bhasker (Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey, The Rolling Stones), and perhaps this was simply an improvement as Kanye was noticeably upset with Mano’s mistakes.

It was rumored that there may have been trouble with Mano when fans reported that Mike Dean, not Mano, was West’s DJ at his Outside Land performance in San Francisco this past week.

Enjoy the ironically titled ‘Best Of DJ Mano’ video below, full of tour mess ups by the man himself. Also props to the YouTube uploader for changing the title to ‘former DJ’ so fast!

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