Frank Ocean: Where Are You?


Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Ent.

The thirst for new Frank Ocean is real. Just this week, Frank Ocean dying his hair blue made headlines, with the music community desperate for anything related to Frank Ocean that remotely could be considered music news. While we don’t have any new information about when we can expect Frank’s upcoming comeback, we can fill you in about what you need to know about his upcoming sophomore album and what has happened so far.

Expected Release: This Summer/Early Fall.

What we have been told is the album was coming this summer, and although the summer is just a month away, do not completely rule out a potential surprise summer release. Just last February, Ocean told BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, “I’m 10, 11 songs into this next thing.” Soon after, Ocean answered a fan question online stating that we could expect the projected by summer.

Our next bit of news came in March from The Stashed’s (formerly with The Source) Kazeem Famuyide on twitter, where he caught wind that Ocean was filming the video for the first single of his next album.

Also in March, Ocean took to his tumblr to post a picture of himself working on music in the studio, potentially for his upcoming album. Next, while fans at Coachella were excited to potentially hear new music during Frank’s upcoming performance at the festival, Ocean cancelled his performance to finish his album. Finally, the last news about the album’s released we have received is from Ocean’s mother herself, answering a fan question on Twitter and telling fans that we can expect his new album ‘pretty darn soon’.

So should we expect the new album to come out this month? Likely not, but with an artist like Ocean (who released his first album earlier than announced), I would not rule the thought out entirely. However, two things are for certain. (1) We are all thirsty for some new Frank Ocean that may hit the web any day now (whether a single or the full album) and (2) expect Frank to make another great Album of the Year run like he did with Channel Orange.

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