EP Review: A Place Like This | Majid Jordan


OVO Sound’s Majid Jordan, made up of singer, Majid Al Maskati, and producer, Jordan Ullman, has released a five-song EP titled “A Place Like This“.

Ever since Drake’s famous single “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, featuring the group, hit number 1 on multiple charts, people became familiar with the name Majid Jordan.  Many are confused with this name, thinking that Majid Jordan is just one person, but it’s actually a group of two.  They provided the back-up vocals, help with production, the bridge, and the outro of Drake’s iconic hit.

A couple years before they got their big break, they released an EP titled “Afterhours“, but they were under the name “Good People”.  This was before OVO Sound signed them, but this caught the attention of Drake’s label, and the rest is history.

This project is the first official release from OVO Sound, and it gives the label the jump-start that it needed. The first track “Forever” is a perfect intro to the EP.  The beat is very easy to dance to, and Majid’s vocals can easily make one want to sing along.  The rest of the EP isn’t as energetic as Forever, but it has more of a “driving at night” type of vibe.

Majid Jordan’s debut is a quality piece with a 90’s feel to it.  The EP as a whole is funky, fun, smooth, and soulful.  As enjoyable as this is, it still has it’s low-points as well.  It depends on the listener, but some songs seem to drag on for a little too long.  It’s not a project that everyone will enjoy, for example, frequent listeners of pop music may find it boring.

A Place Like This contains quality beats, brilliant song-writing, and the talented voice of Majid Al Maskati.  Tracks to listen to are “Forever” and “U”.  This talented group has serious potential to be a top name in music.



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