Lil Durk to finally drop ‘Signed To The Streets 2’



The new leader of Chicago’s drill music scene, Lil Durk, is finally set to release his highly anticipated sequel to last summer’s breakout mixtape ‘Signed To The Streets’.

Fresh off of his XXL Freshman cover, ‘Signed To The Streets 2’ was supposed to be the project that cemented Lil Durk as one of the best up-and-coming artists in the game. Unfortunately, the release date has been pushed back multiple times and the fans are making their feelings known. In late-May of this year Durk made it public that the project was set to release on June 18th. Durk took to his Twitter account (@lildurk_) on the 18th to announce that the tape had been pushed back to July 2nd.

July 2nd came and all we got was the leak of the track “I Go”. Durk’s Twitter and Instagram (@REAL_LILDURK) were radio silent, minus the mentions of the leaked track. Based on Twitter mentions and Instagram comments this is when the fans were really becoming fed up with the whole ordeal.

It wasn’t until July 4th that we found out the fate of the mixtape lived with Don Cannon. Durk took to Twitter to announce that the project was in Don Cannon’s hands. This was strange for a few reasons, but it appeared as though Durk was feeling the heat and needed to push the pressure on to someone else. It worked, because Don Cannon became public enemy #1. He tweeted that he would announce when the tape would drop at 12:30 a.m.

I decided I was going to wait up all night if I had to. That is when Don Cannon made the announcement that he would drop the tape at 3:00 a.m. I sat there, on my couch, refreshing my Twitter feed and watching Game of Thrones. Lo and behold 3:00 a.m. came and went, still no tape. One can only imagine how I felt. Waiting all night only to be disappointed once again. This began somewhat of a blame game between all parties involved:

Personally, I have never seen anything like this. No one seems to know what is going on and they are all taking to Twitter to place blame on someone else. With the amount of hype behind this project I can understand Durk wanting it to be perfect. However, this has been handled so poorly that there is now that much more added pressure for it to be perfect.

Durk took to Twitter yesterday to announce somewhat of a guarantee that project would release on Monday:

So will we finally see ‘Signed To The Streets 2’ drop sometime tomorrow? Do you even care anymore, or has all the drama around the project’s release turned you off? Well if you are like me this whole ordeal has made me even more anxious to hear the project. If, and I do mean IF, the mixtape drops tomorrow stay tuned for a full album review, right here at, The Early Registration.

Check out the track “I Go” to hold you over:


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