Album Review: New Eyes | Clean Bandit


You may not agree with electronic/dance songs containing classical elements but British music group, Clean Bandit, who gained popularity with their No.1 hit ‘Rather Be’ featuring Jess Glynne, have released a new album called New Eyes which does just that and it does it extremely well.

The album contains songs that some may have already known such as ‘Mozart’s House’ and ‘Extraordinary’ featuring Sharna Bass, which was released earlier this year, another song in which the classical elements had complimented the dance elements.

What makes this album so well done is the way Clean Bandit have cleverly used violins and violas to blend in well with the electronic elements of the many songs – in ‘Mozart’s House’ the group uses part of the string quartet No. 21 by Mozart which works well with the song’s overall theme. You could also say that their use of collaborators made this album what it was, from the fantastic Jess Glynne to the sharp vocals of Elizabeth Troy.

The other songs on the album like: ‘Dust Clears,’ ‘A+E’ and ‘Telephone banking’ give the album it’s individual sound. However, ‘Extraordinary’ seems to sound like many of the other dance hits on the radio and it’s possible that the group were trying to make the song more “radio friendly” and gain popularity the way ‘Rather Be’ was.



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