Interview | Benjamin Booker

BY MERHAWI HAILE American singer-songwriter, Benjamin Booker, coming off his critically acclaimed eponymous debut album, has led a successful nationwide tour and has left his mark on festival stages worldwide. Booker took some time out for us to discuss touring, the development of his short film, and social commentary in music. Read our full Q&A with … Continue reading Interview | Benjamin Booker

Album Review: Dirty Sprite 2 | Future

Even though Future’s sophomore release, Honest, showcased the Atlanta native’s ability to tackle abstract soundscapes and spawned a few successful singles (despite being riddled with unnecessary features), it was still met with under appreciation. So from the October through March following Honest‘s spring 2014 rollout, Future released three mixtapes (Monster, Beast Mode and 56 Nights) that would mark a return to … Continue reading Album Review: Dirty Sprite 2 | Future

Album Review: White Men Are Black Men Too | Young Fathers

With White Men Are Black Men Too, Young Fathers have followed their polished and critically acclaimed debut album, Dead, by making a gritty, lo-fi, soul-pop album that contemplates societal ills and spirituality as much as it explores musically. Young Fathers have insisted that this is a pop album, and it is. It’s more melodic than their previous releases, but … Continue reading Album Review: White Men Are Black Men Too | Young Fathers