5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Beyonce and Jay Z’s OTR II Tour


Beyonce and Jay Z brought their On The Run II Tour to Chicago’s Soldier Field (Photo by Dan Garcia)

Chicago was spoiled this weekend as Beyonce and Jay Z brought their massive stadium tour, the OTR (On The Run) II Tour, to the Windy City’s Soldier Field. For not one, but two, entertaining nights, Hov and the Queen B slayed for their Chicago fans.

Delivering a 40+ track setlist, full of the artists’ biggest singles and collaborations, the power couple give fans plenty of reasons to take a night off, get a sitter, drive downtown and find parking a see one of the summer’s biggest shows.

Check out our five reasons why you shouldn’t miss Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run (OTR) II Tour below.

1. DJ Khaled

If you need an excuse to get to your seat early, the industry’s best hype man, DJ Khaled, is a bonus opener for the OTR II Tour, as well as singers Chloe x Halle. Like any great DJ, Khaled knows how to get the party started by playing some awesome tracks to get the crowd moving, most of which were his (‘I’m The One’ and ‘Wild Thoughts’ to name a couple).

All he does in win, and no person has a more infectious and positive personality than DJ Khaled, so you won’t want to miss out when the tour comes to a city near you.

2. The Massive Setlist

Jay Z and Beyonce’s OTR II setlist is massive, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Opening up with Jay Z’s Justin Timberlake collab, ‘Holy Grail’ (which Beyonce kills of course), the duo performs over 40 songs on the tour, including tracks like ‘Baby Boy’, ‘Run This Town’, ‘Formation’, ‘Crazy In Love’, ‘APESHIT’ and many many more.

Check out the entire setlist here.

3. Their Tag Team Style

There is no bigger buzzkill to a concert than when an artist steps off stage for extended periods of time when a lengthy video interlude plays while the singer catches their breath and changes outfits. And while there are some (small) interludes throughout the OTR II Tour, the style of the show allows for Jay and B to take breaks while the other performs their own singles, with each tagging each other in while the other prepares for what’s next.

For the majority of the concert the two share the stage, but the tag team style allows the show to keep its momentum while not completely draining the artists. And as a fan the show is way more enjoyable than if Jay simply opened for Beyonce and later joined her for a couple tracks during her set. The two go back and forth through their catalogs and it works perfectly.

4. The Stage

To no one’s surprise, if the Carters are going to do something, they are going to do it big. As a result, their OTR II stage is huge. The video board reaches to the sky and stretches from stage left to stage right, serving as a backdrop to the stage’s lengthy duel catwalks, where a VIP audience stands between atop of a big red carpet. Different components raise and float above the crowd, as pyrotechnics supplement the performance.

The production isn’t totally reinventing the wheel, but it’s on a very big scale and certainly worth checking out. With how much ground Jay and B covers throughout the night, there is no bad seat in the house.

5. Beyonce’s Dancing

The OTR II Tour is worth the price of admission for Beyonce’s dancing alone. Whether she is backed up by her dancers or dancing on her hubby, she steals everyone’s attention at all times. Her dancing is scaled back when compared to her last headlining tour, but she’s still got it, and that was very apparent during her Chicago performances.

Backed up by some of the most talented dancers in the tour, somehow Beyonce still managed to outshine everyone beside her. She is a goddess among us all, and her dancing is an impressive as her amazing vocals. Even if you had noise cancelling headphones on for the entire night, you would have still thoroughly enjoyed Beyonce’s Chicago takeover.


Get your tickets for the remaining dates of the OTR II Tour here.

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