Listen to the Extended Version of “Eraser”, Track 1 of Ed Sheeran’s New Album “÷” (divide)


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, SBTV recruited Ed Sheeran for a very special live performance of a brand new track. Performing track one of his forthcoming album, ÷ (divide), Ed Sheeran’s new track ‘Eraser’ is instantly one of our favorite songs from his new LP.

Unlike the songs from divide (which releases this Friday, March 3) that Ed has shared to fans so far, Sheeran again showcases his rapping skills on the “Extended F64 Version” of ‘Eraser’, as he has on past albums. ‘Eraser’ is also the deepest song off divide thus far, with Ed Sheeran speaking on his body image, dropping out of school, and his private life becoming public.

Listen to Ed Sheeran’s special live and extended performance of ‘Eraser’ below.


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