Photos: R. Kelly’s Hometown “Buffet Tour” Stop Brings Never-ending Hits to Chicago


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

If you’ve ever seen comedian Aziz Ansari’s stand-up review of an R. Kelly concert and viewed it as sheer entertainment and comedy, instead of an accurate representation of what an R. Kelly performance is actually like, then you were wrong. In Ansari’s special, “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening”, the Parks and Recreation comedian describes an elaborate production where Kelly splices his music with unimaginable theatrics, video clips, entertaining conversations with the audience, and wild pyrotechnics. Not only is all the above 100% factual, but fans in attendance tonight at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL can attest to it all first hand. To say R. Kelly is a one of the best showmen from the past two decades would be an understatement, and tonight he certainly delivered for his hometown crowd of Chicago.

If R. Kelly was anyone but R. Kelly, we would have expected “The Buffet Tour” to open with a performance of the majority of tracks from Kelly’s most recently LP, The Buffet, with a few of the Chicago singer’s biggest hits mixed in throughout the set and in the encore. And if that predictable and structured layout would have took place tonight, it would have been just fine and fans would have certainly left with their money’s worth. However the night’s performance was nothing but structured and predictable, and totally rewrites your expectations going into a live show. And in the most unique way, despite the show being a weird random mess (for lack of better words), it all worked and fans were more than entertained throughout the night. Beyond the music, highlights of the night included R. Kelly responding to internet haters by watching Kobe’s last game on a 50 ft. screen, a flying blimp robot named R. Bot, and random videos of R. Kelly playing basketball and talking about his love of chili. R. Kelly reinvents the wheel when it doesn’t need reinventing, and in doing so he takes us down a whole new and amazing path that we never knew existed.

Despite being dubbed “The Buffet Tour”, tonight’s performance focused around R. Kelly’s massive catalog of hits instead of pinpointing on just his most recent project. Fans went from feeling sexy during ‘Bump N’ Grind’ to getting emotional while singing along to ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. Kelly’s 2-hour long performance truly reminds you of his consistency in the R&B world and the massive number of hit records that R. Kelly has delivered throughout the years. While the video intermissions and added production value certainly make R. Kelly’s performances stand out, it’s the individual performances of tracks that serve as the highlights of the night. The Buffet Tour left not one fan hungry for more tonight, but many would definitely come back for second helpings if they could.

Check out our photos from tonight’s performance below and check out the remaining dates for The Buffet Tour here.

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Photos: Ellie Goulding Brings Her Delirium World Tour to Chicago


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Just a few weeks removed from her huge headlining performances at Coachella, Ellie Goulding brought her Delirium World Tour to Chicago’s Allstate Arena in Rosement, IL. What will be Goulding’s second Windy City performance of the summer, as she is scheduled to perform at Lollapalooza’s big 25th year anniversary, the arena was packed with Goulding’s fans who came ready to dance the night away. The ‘Love Me Like You Do’ singer didn’t come alone however, as the English singer/songwriter brought British electronic trio, Years & Years, and the immensely talented, Bebe Rexha.

Kicking off the night as the arena began to fill up was singer/songwriter Bebe Rexha. Perhaps known best now for her G-Eazy collaboration, ‘Me, Myself & I’, a record that Rexha wrote before it found its home on the Bay Area rapper’s most recent LP, Rexha is one of the most underrated songwriters of the past half-decade. Rexha got her big break when Eminem bought her track ‘Monster’, a record that previously had little backing from label heads. Lucky for Rexha, ‘Monster’ became a hit and ever since then the Brooklyn native has continued to prove her doubters wrong. Rexha has had some big festival appearances, has worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj (to name a few), and now of course she is on a huge U.S. tour leg with Ellie Goulding. During her live performances, Rexha converses with the crowd, reminding fans of catalog of records that she has worked on behind the scenes. Don’t be mistaken though, Rexha is much more than just a talented writer and is well on her way to putting “Bebe Rexha the artist” at the forefront of the records that she produces.

Following Rexha’s performance, electronic trio and London natives, Years & Years, hit the stage in Rosemont. Consisting of frontman Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy (bass guitar) and Emre Turkmen (keys), Years & Years has seen a great amount of success back home, especially with their hit single ‘King’, and that success has been carrying over to the states. Tonight fans saw performances of a number of the band’s records from their 2015 debut, Communion. Although they have been together since 2010, they really took their time in putting together a quality first studio project, and the results showed. Not only did their debut receive great reception from critics across the board, but its live performances tonight were definitely embraced by Ellie’s electropop fans in attendance. 

After a brief intermission between sets, it was time for Ellie Goulding to hit the stage. Goulding has consistently raised in popularity in the U.S., and the energy throughout the arena was evidence of just that. After her 2010 debut, Lights, it would have been hard for many Chicago fans to imagine Ellie headlining her own show at the Allstate Arena. Just a few years ago, Goulding performed at Chicago’s Schubas Tavern, an intimate 550-capacity club in the city’s Lakeview neighborhood. In just a couple year’s time, Goulding would return to the city for a daytime set at Lollapalooza in 2013. So for the Delirium singer to headline an arena show that foreshadows a headlining Lolla performance is huge and indicative of her global success in the past few years.

Goulding’s performance tonight was very similar to her headlining set at Coachella this year, a performance which many thousands caught, whether live in Indio or via the festival’s live webcast. Opening with the Intro to her 2015 album, where the tour get its name, and transitioning into the LP’s second track, ‘Aftertaste’, Goulding performed the majority of Delirium, which brought fans singles like ‘Something In The Way You Move’ and ‘Love Me Like You Do’. Ellie Goulding’s performance tonight was much more than just a carbon copy of the album however. Mixing in intimate acoustic performances, a beautiful tribute cover to Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’, and performing a few fan favorites from her first two albums, Halcyon and Lights, Ellie certainly put on a memorable performances that fans in attendance will definitely want to relive when Ellie returns to Lollapalooza this year on July 31st, as one of the festival’s final performances celebrating a quarter-century of great live music. If you get a chance to catch Goulding at Grant Park this year, jump on the opportunity.

Check out our photos from tonight’s performance below and check out the remaining dates for the Delirium World Tour here.

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Chance The Rapper Debuts Upcoming Chance 3 Track “Blessings” on The Tonight Show


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Now that Views and The Life of Pablo have blessed rap fans, besides Frank Ocean’s forthcoming sophomore album, there is no project in music that’s more highly anticipated than Chance The Rapper’s third mixtape/album and the followup to his critically acclaimed, Acid Rap. Last night fans got two steps closer to Chance’s upcoming release, as the Chicago native debuted the project’s track ‘Blessings’ on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and announced Chance 3‘s official release date.

Needless to say the performance was more than memorable, and fans can take comfort in knowing that Chance 3 will release in just one week, on May 13th. No exact word on the project’s method of release, whether it will be via iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, or what, but here’s to hoping that fans will finally be able to cop a physical copy of a Chance album.

Watch Chance The Rapper’s debut performance of ‘Blessings’ below.

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Listen To Justin Timberlake’s Brand New Single “Can’t Stop The Feeling”


Photo by Getty Images

The first taste of his new music since the second half of his The 20/20 Experience, Justin Timberlake has released his brand new single, ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’. In what will certainly be an anthem of the summer, ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ is an infectious hit that will certainly skyrocket to the top of the charts. The new record can be heard in DreamWork‘s new animated motion picture “Trolls”, and you can buy it now on iTunes. While this one isn’t expected to be on JT’s next full length album, let’s certainly hope this foreshadows a whole new LP from the ‘Take Back The Night’ singer.

Stream ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ below.

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New Music: Marc E. Bassy & G-Eazy Team Up for “You And Me”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Former 2AM Club founder, Marc E. Bassy, is currently in pursuit of his new solo career and he has been hitting the ground running. Introducing himself to fans on G-Eazy’s recent “When It’s Dark Out Tour”, Bassy and the ‘Me Myself & I’ rapper have teamed up again, this time for Bassy’s new record ‘You And Me’. You can preview the single now, and purchase it everywhere this Friday, May 6th.

Stream ‘You And Me’ below.

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Mamby On The Beach Festival Announces Daily Artist Lineup


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last year Chicago’s premiere beachside music festival, Mamby On The Beach, had a great inaugural year. Like nothing else in Chi-town, Mamby brought some huge names in the EDM world to the Windy City’s Oakwood Beach. And now today, festival organizers have announced the daily artist lineup to breakdown which artists will perform on which day of the two-day festival.

Get your tickets not before it’s too late at and check out the daily artist lineup below!

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5 Rapper Predictions for Summerfest’s Final Headlining Spot


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Currently the world’s largest music festival, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, has announced all but one of its 11 headlining acts at its Marcus Amphitheatre stage. And while this year’s lineup so far is one of the best in recent years, it is still missing one big thing, a rap and hip/hop presence. Sure, Summerfest is known for its diverse lineup and never has really placed a large emphasis on rap when compared to other major music festivals, but consistently Summerfest always tends to deliver at least one huge rap headliner. Last year Kendrick Lamar blessed the stage, and brought along fellow TDE member, Schoolboy Q. In recent history the likes of Outkast and Kanye West have also all hit stage at Summerfest.

This year we are hoping for a big hip/hop act, and more then ever. A plethora of talented artists like Ryan Adams, Martin Garrix, Rise Against, Passion Pit, The Roots and more are all hitting the ground stages (with ticket prices starting at just $13), but when it comes to a rap presence you have only a couple options (Nelly and Jason DeRulo, the latter being a pop artist). Although artists can be added to the lineup at any time, rap fans in Wisconsin have their fingers crossed for the last Marcus Amphitheatre slot, on June 30th.

We have no idea whether or not the June 30th vacancy will be filled by a rap artist, but in hopes that it is, we have compiled a list of our five best predictions of who that may be!


EP Review: Twenty88 | Big Sean & Jhene Aiko


A collaboration between Big Sean and Jhene Aiko is something that 2016 needed. Big Sean’s last album Dark Sky Paradise was his best work so far, and the album that really created his own sound. Jhene’s last album Souled Out dropped 2 years ago. The artists have pretty much gone into hibernation since then. The two brought together their talents to form the group “Twenty88.” It’s hard to tell if Twenty88 is a one time thing or if they will drop more sexy R&B albums in the future.

The self titled album by Twenty88 is bound to be something special, one can only expect this album to have beautiful high notes from Jhene and low, smooth bars from Sean about love, lust, and ex’s. The EP project is about the tension and power struggle that couples go through, only having 8 songs. On the other hand, there are songs about the real love and passion that comes after those meaningless fights. Both Jhene and Sean have had their fair share of relationships and side pieces. This album has songs that are both personal to them, and songs that every person can relate too. There are also a lot of songs that people simply can not relate to. You only have those experiences if you are at the celebrity status of Big Sean or Jhene Aiko. It is fun to listen to some of these songs and get a taste of what it is like to be in  love with an A list celebrity.

Starting off the project is the song ‘Déjà vu.’ Big Sean drops his classic “straight up” line to start the song. When you hear “straight up” you know the song is about to be lit. With soft Drake like beats, we get a smooth harmony between the two artists that makes you rewind to listen again.  The song is about a memory the both Sean and Jhene share that brings them back to the times they had with each other while they were together. The couple has been broken up for 3 years and are just seeing each other again for the first time since. Reminiscing on the past and how great they were together. Only problem is that it’s far too late. She already has a kid, is dating an athlete, and doesn’t have time for him. The damage is done. The only thing they can do now it look back at what they used to have.

The second song ‘Selfish’ is a song where the artists express how they felt about the person playing hard to get. Sean speaks on how he dropped all of his other girls for her, spent money he didn’t have, lost sleep for her and she doesn’t even have the time to text him back. Jhene has good reasoning for being shady towards Sean. She asks him how someone could betray and lie to someone that had been with them through thick and thin. Both of them are doing things that are not healthy for the relationships.

They have an interesting song named ‘Talk Show.’ The song is an interview with Big Sean and Jhene on a popular talk show where they are invited to talk about their relationship. They are the power couple at the time and have to keep the act up. The beginning of the song they both say how much they love each other and how perfect they are. Once Sean expresses his love for Jhene she confesses that they really aren’t so perfect. She calls Sean out in front of everyone for cheating on her. Sean bites back by saying that he hates when she tries to make there business public. Being hypocritical, he tells everyone that she also cheated on him. This song is meant to show that just because celebrity couples look perfect and happy, there are usually some pretty evil things going on behind the scenes.

The final song on the short album named ‘London Bridge’ is about how historical it is going to be when they break up. Through out the album you see them fall in love, get torn apart, and then fall back in love. If one of them were to leave it would be as historical as when the London Bridge fell down in the 19th century. This song is really one that has one of those “happy” endings. This whole album had a constant story line. While listening you felt like you were watching a movie.

Well guess what, Twenty88 decided to make a 14 minute film about the album. The short movie titled “Out Of Love” is everything that you would want to see after listening to this album. Being set in the future you still see that love is that same whether its 2016 or 2116. It features nearly all the songs. There are some R-Rated sex scenes and other things that make this album that much more real. Be warned, listening to this album will bring back memories whether you like it or not.